Saturday, October 31, 2015

9 Easy Ways To Increase The Speed Of your Wi-Fi Network

When the network is slow - hard to enjoy it. However, all is not lost: there are several ways to improve your WiFi network! Here 9 of them.

1. Do Not Hide the Router

Most people hide their routers, because they do not fit into the interior. However, the router in the cabinet - the best way to slow down the speed Wi-Fi. Walls and doors can weaken and even absorb the signal. It is better to place the router on a table or on a bookshelf, with as high as possible - some routers distribute the signal from top to bottom.

Secret Codes That We Don't Know About Our Phones

By means of special key combinations, you can get a variety of information or to make significant changes in the functionality of the mobile phone. The most popular, from our point of view, we put code in this article.

Friday, August 28, 2015

10 Secrets Of WhatsApp, Which Are Exactly What You Really Like

If you have a smartphone, you probably heard about programs like WhatsApp, and maybe you have even downloaded it myself for a long time and use every day. This is a very handy program to communicate. It's faster than text messages and the Internet requires less than Facebook. And now we'll tell you about the 10 secrets programs WhatsApp, which you will love it and your smartphone even more.

So what can be done with the program WhatsApp:

1. Configure privacy

To customize the appearance of the personal data (status, profile picture), you just go to the "Settings" menu - "Account" - "Privacy." But if you want to keep information away from prying eyes, select "No".

2. Block user

If you need to bring someone into the black list, just go to "Settings" - "Account" - "Privacy" - "Blocked". By clicking on the icon in the upper right corner, you'll see a list of all your contacts. In order for someone to block, just select the desired contact.

3. Disable the automatic download of the media

Those who travel frequently know how to pay dearly for downloading files while roaming. To disable this option, you need to go to the "Settings" menu - "IM settings" - "Startup media." Go to each of the items ("Mobile Network», «Wi-Fi», «In roaming") and uncheck the "Images", "Audio" and "Video".

4. Manage sound notifications

To disable sound notifications (contact ringtone, sounds chat) just go to the "Settings" menu - "Notifications".

5. Switch to a new mobile number

If you change SIM-card, you do not wind up in the WhatsApp new account. It is enough to go to the "Settings" - "Account" - "Change Room" to confirm the old number and enter a new one.

6. Copy Posts

This useful feature allows you to not lose the information you need and always have it handy. Go to "Settings" - "IM settings" - "Backup chats." Done!

7. Restore deleted messages

If, due to negligence or due to a system crash you delete the message - you can restore them. WhatsApp each time automatically backs up and stores them in MicroSD-card of your phone. First you need to remove and re-install WhatsApp, and when the messenger will ask you to restore the message history, simply click on the "Restore".

8. Put the password

If your correspondence in WhatsApp is not intended for prying eyes, to better protect its messenger-password. This can be done using applications such as, for example, ChatLock.

9. Send files of any type

WhatsApp has some restrictions on sending files. You can send only certain types of files, which also must not exceed 15 MB. Do you want to get around this limitation? Download the app CloudSend, upload with the help of the desired file, copy the link and send it to any other. When he enters the link, you will be able to download a file of any size.

10. Get rid of unnecessary files

People who often use the messenger often jammed phone memory (for example, photos or video). To get rid of unnecessary files, it is sufficient to use the application WCleaner for WA.

How to Submit Your Site To Search Engines

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Most Profitable Online Jobs

Online Career is the New Big trend everywhere which can change your story of life. Have a look at the best 3 Online Careers that one must opt to earn bigger and become richer. Below is the detailed survey and review of the best ten online careers that can give you a handsome earning.
Working online recently became one of the biggest job markets where you can make a success and can earn very good money. Here I write you about the Most Profitable Online Jobs that you can learn one of it to earn much money from working online. Review it to find out which one is more suitable for your skills.

Most Profitable Online Jobs

1 –Work as an online translator

People who need accurate translation for their documents can rely on Google translator as it gives inaccurate meaning and much grammar mistakes. So they prefer to hire a skilled online translator to have a good work. You can sell your services to those people and offer them good prices to do their translation, if you can do that you will earn much money.

2 – Work As an online programmer

If you skilled in programming then you spend much time on a computer anyway daily which mean that you can sell your skills to others online. May you are lucky if you got a good client to work for him online as a programmer.

3 – Work As an online SEO expert

Working as A SEO expert is a very profitable career online if you lucky to get a client to trust you. Thanks to Google results of this kind of online work is not trustful which mean that you have to be sure of your skills before start.